Deutsche Börse posts strong full year results

Source: Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse concluded financial year 2007 with new records for revenues and earnings.

According to the preliminary figures published by the company on Tuesday, sales revenue climbed by 18 percent to €2,185.2 million in 2007 (2006: €1,854.2 million). The company earned a further €230.8 million in net interest income from banking business (2006: €150.7 million). Costs of €1,323.5 million were "in-line" with the companies guidance and include exceptional items such as provisions for the restructuring and efficiency program targeting €100 million in cost savings per annum as well as provisions for stock based compensation against the background of a 95 percent share price increase in 2007. EBITA (Earnings before interest, tax and goodwill impairment) increased 31 percent to €1,345.9 million (2006: €1,029.1 million) and includes a non-taxable book gain of some €120 million from the sale of property in Luxembourg in the fourth quarter. The net income for 2007 reached €911.7 million, as against €668.7 million in the previous year. Basic earnings per share, calculated on the basis of a weighted average number of 194.1 million shares outstanding, increased by 40 percent to €4.70 (2006: €3.36 on the basis of 198.9 million shares outstanding).

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