Moneris ships payments processing tool

Source: Moneris

Moneris Solutions, one of North America's largest payment processors, today announced the launch of eSELECTplus, an easy-to-use, multi-functional Internet-based application that uses a PC and Web browser to process card payments.

Developed by Moneris Solutions, eSELECTplus enables merchants to process electronic payments more quickly, securely, and efficiently than with a traditional credit card terminal. With eSELECTplus, credit cards, signature and PIN-based debit cards, and ACH (e-check) transactions can all be processed without the need to install any special software. In addition, eSELECTplus offers an easy to use API for integration into business management software applications. eSELECTplus offers a variety of modules tailored to different types of businesses, and can work in both customer-present and customer-not-present environments.

"After listening to feedback from the market, we saw a true need for this type of product," said Greg Cohen, president of Moneris Solutions, U.S. Group. "eSELECTplus is perfect for merchants and software providers who want to integrate retail solutions and payment applications into the same platform," Cohen said.

With the ability to access eSELECTplus over the Internet through a PC or PC-based POS or business management system, merchants do not need to purchase any additional equipment or software to process card payments. eSELECTplus resides on Moneris' PCI certified secure payments server and each user has their own password-protected account to access transaction and business information.

"Through eSELECTplus, merchants can set-up recurring and automatic payment plans to help reduce their paperwork and save some time. Fraudulent transactions can be quickly identified, the work of collecting missed payments can be reduced, and merchants can have access to monthly reports and data at any time," said Pat Albright, senior vice president of marketing and business development.

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