Rolfe & Nolan releases brokerage module

Source: Rolfe & Nolan

Leading listed derivatives software supplier Rolfe & Nolan today announced the launch of its new Brokerage Module, specifically developed to manage the execution brokerage process for global Exchange Traded Derivatives operations.

David Thompson, Middle Office Product Manager at Rolfe & Nolan commented: "We're really proud of this latest addition to our comprehensive suite of middle office products. This is the first genuinely new brokerage management product in years. The timing of our Brokerage launch ties in nicely with the new industry give-up initiatives, eGUS and eGAINS, which it will fully interact with."

Patrick Liardet, Director of Middle Office Technology said: "Our customers have consistently told us that they need to handle brokerage payables and receivables in a more efficient manner, particularly with the ever increasing volumes. The Brokerage Module has been designed and built to that specification, and comes close behind our successful Fees Direct fee and commission management tool that we have already sold to seven leading investment banks and FCMs."

Calculating brokerage payable or receivable is a resource intensive, often manual, process. The Brokerage Module delivers a powerful, comprehensive and professional workflow solution for execution brokerage, with improved accuracy, a shorter payment cycle and better compliance. It can be deployed globally, regionally or locally.

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