LogicaCMG buys master licence for Dovetail payments system

Source: LogicaCMG

LogicaCMG, a leading European IT and business services company, has entered into an agreement to purchase a master licence for Dovetail's payments system technology as part of the ongoing development of its LogicaCMG All Payments Solution (LAPS) High Care packaged solution.

Components from Dovetail's payments system technology have been incorporated into the LAPS/High Care offering for some time. The new licence will give LogicaCMG access to the source code and the freedom to approach its chosen target segments more proactively.

Sarah Loveday, Director, Global Products of LogicaCMG, said: "We will develop our own variations to the core system that help us enhance our market-leading packaged solutions in response to the challenges facing our clients. We know we'll be building on a strong technology base which has a proven track record in major progressive renovation projects. Our experience in working with it to date has given us the confidence to keep it at the heart of our own High Care element of LAPS."

Martin Coen, Dovetail CEO, comments: "This validation of what we offer is the result of several years of intensive review by LogicaCMG, and confirms our belief that we have taken a significant step ahead of our competitors in delivering next generation payment systems. The deal will enable LogicaCMG to take advantage of the flexibility that our component based solution provides and in turn ensure greater value for Dovetail."

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