Dynamic signs NexTier Bank to card issuance technology

Source: Dynamic Card Solutions

Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), developer of CardWizard, the leading instant issue and PIN selection software application for financial institutions, today announced that NexTier Bank, an innovative, full-service financial institution, has selected DCS' technology to instantly issue bank cards to customers in 16 locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

NexTier representatives chose DCS' CardWizard software to help expedite access to debit and ATM cards for its customers. To integrate an additional level of security specific to its customers, the bank implemented the instant issuance software in each branch to capture account details and personal card information, and keeps the systems card embossers in the bank's main card operation building instead of in-branch. With the new system in place, NexTier customers can receive their cards the next day rather than the industry's typical wait of seven to 10 days.

"NexTier's approach to instant issuance is unique and in line with the bank's commitment to customer satisfaction and security of sensitive card information," said John Wallace, regional sales manager of DCS. "CardWizard provides a very easy user interface and secure transaction processing that fit and blends well with NexTier's current banking environment."

In addition to using DCS' CardWizard software, NexTier also capitalized on its instant issuance systems during last year's breach of confidential customer information of TJX Companies, a large retailer that operates over 2,000 retails stores under brands such as Bob's Stores, HomeGoods, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx and A.J. Wright. The massive computer breach affected a portion of its network that handles credit card, debit card, check and merchandise transactions in the United States and abroad. While other financial institutions relied on card providers to reissue cards, NexTier used the CardWizard system to reissue cards to the 1,950 of its customers affected. Most card providers were backed up and unable to reissue cards sooner than one month's time. The CardWizard system helped cut the reissue process from one month to less than two weeks.

"As an innovative financial institution, NexTier now relies on CardWizard to help us evolve and meet the needs for today's consumer. We now offer a quick response time for card issuance over other banks in our industry given the capabilities of the system," said Kathy Kriebel, vice president of deposit operations at NexTier Bank. "Since our initial investment, DCS played a pivotal role in making sure our customers received reissued cards quickly. Even in an emergency event such as the TJX breach, we were able to rely on DCS and CardWizard software to provide our customers with a reliable reissuing option."

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