Blue System licenses CameronFIX engine

Source: Cameron Systems

Global Financial Information Exchange [FIX] engine provider, Cameron Systems, and futures and options trading systems specialists, Blue System Inc., today announced an exclusive alliance to provide the financial community with a greater value proposition for derivatives trading.

With a revolutionary approach to global electronic trading, Blue System provides its clients with leading edge, trading, analysis and advanced risk management tools free of charge, using a unique, unmatched transaction commission based pricing structure.

To complement and expand its product suite, Blue System will add BLUE(tm)fix, a licensed version of the CameronFIX Engine 6.1. This will enable Blue System to provide its clients with consolidated FIX/back office and trading systems at zero fixed cost, eliminating the necessity to source from multiple product and service providers. Blue System's CameronFIX-enabled BLUE(tm)trader system will enable FIX protocol connections using the globally accepted FIX messaging standard.

Under its BLUE(tm)fix application, Blue System is licensed to use the CameronFIX Universal Server and all CameronFIX options, including: High Availability, monitoring and scheduling. Cameron will offer Blue System's clients support for all versions of the FIX protocol 4.0 to 4.4, and message types, including: MarketData, QuoteRequest, Quote, Order, Execution and SecurityDefinitionRequest.

"Blue System is very pleased to be working with Cameron Systems," said Blue System's CEO Sulim Malook. "We selected Cameron for its proven track record and extensive institutional client base. Our choice of partner was the result of careful analysis of a number of criteria including: a thorough knowledge of FIX and strong global presence; business flexibility in developing a pure, transaction based model; and best product fit with our existing front-end technology."

Cameron Systems Sales Director, Glenn Cruickshank stated, "Cameron Systems partnership with Blue System for a futures and options trading solution has again demonstrated our leading market position and ongoing support for the FIX standard, evidenced today with the introduction of the protocol across new asset classes, with additional geographies and new business process areas."

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