Open Solutions and Agility Recovery team on disaster recovery

Source: Open Solutions

Open Solutions and Agility Recovery Solutions recently announced a partnership in which Open Solutions' credit union and banking clients will have streamlined access to additional resources that are necessary to resume operations and stay connected to customers and members during any business interruption including natural disasters.

Agility is a former division of GE with nearly 20 years of disaster recovery and business continuity under its belt. It is a leading provider of turn-key, packaged recovery solutions to businesses across the United States. Open Solutions is in the forefront of integrated enabling technologies for financial service providers across the United States, Canada and international markets.

Agility's ReadySuite disaster recovery solution provides financial institutions with access to the critical resources needed after an interruption. Open Solutions members and clients will have access to fully-equipped workstations, in which key personnel can conduct important business operations through temporary connections until the permanent facility is back online. With nearly 100,000 mobile office units across the United States and Canada, a unit can be shipped to an institution within 48 hours of a disaster declaration. These mobile office units are wired for voice and data communications and designed to fulfill institutions' requirements for short-, medium- or long-term usage.

"Financial institutions are expected to be in constant operation, period. Clients count on them to be accessible, especially during times of unfortunate devastation," Taylor Busby, vice president, marketing, Agility Recovery Solutions, said. "Our ReadySuite solution lets institutions quickly and effortlessly regain operations after an interruption, providing clients with the instant responsiveness that they must have. Through our partnership with Open Solutions, we will be able to extend that responsiveness to their clients, and we are excited to provide them with solid disaster recovery options."

"Credit union and banking clients must stay continuously linked to customers and members during natural disasters to successfully operate their businesses and provide customers and members with the best service possible. And, disasters strike when you least expect it," Michael Nicastro, senior vice president and CMO of Open Solutions Inc., said. "But having a viable solution that allows an institution to quickly reconvene business rather than halting all client transactions and inquiries is imperative to a successful disaster recovery plan. Agility is regarded as a reliable and key provider of disaster recovery solutions, with a 100 percent success rate, including close to 40 recoveries in the wake of the 2005 hurricane season. We know definitively that our partnership with Agility will greatly benefit our client base."

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