IND Group launches mobile banking product

Source: IND Group

IND Group best know for developing banking front-office technologies, announced a brand new solution called IND iMobile Banking.

The banking software is customized for smartphones and PDAs with broadband Internet access.

Mobile phones have become vital part of our everyday life, thus it was an obvious decision for IND to target smartphones and PDAs with our innovative solution after implementing successful Internet applications to our clients - said Balázs Vinnai, IND Group's CEO. We see a new generation of people who are early adopters of the technology. These young people will choose those banks offering their clients innovative applications such as the IND iMobile Banking. Numerous domestic banks already expressed their interests about the new product. Our goal is to introduce this dynamic banking software not only in Hungary, but also abroad. - added Vinnai.

The solution is the result of the product development team, consists of about 50 people, in IND's Miskolc office. From the very first idea to the final version, we created this solution in record time - four months. This also shows that our colleagues were very enthusiastic and committed to bring something special to the market. - told József Nyíri, CTO.

IND iMobile Banking solution is especially attractive for smartphone and PDA users. These banking clients are the first ones to accept and use the different technological novelties and they can influence the purchasing decisions. The application uses all features that modern, hand-held devices are equipped with: GPRS/3G broad band access; big, colourful displays; touch-screen technology. When IND iMobile Banking had been developed it was taken into consideration that these devices usually do not have full-value keyboards or high resolution screens.

Main features of IND iMobile Banking
The solution provides quick access to accounts and transaction information on a secure mobile device environment. It can be easily adjusted to already existing bank systems. It is Browser-based and it works on every operation system. iMobile Banking is Icon-based with easily "tappable" menu.

Supported transactions:
  • Inquiries: account information, FX rates information, stock rates information,
  • Bankcard information, transaction history, transaction search;
  • Transactions: money transfer, opening new term deposit, modification of bankcard limits;
  • Sales: sales of travel insurance or other simple product;
  • Settings: Beneficiary list, favourite payments;
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