StreamBase Reuters Edition upgraded

Source: StreamBase Systems

StreamBase Systems, a leading provider of high-performance complex event processing (CEP) software, today announced the latest release of StreamBase Reuters Edition (SRE) adding support for Reuters Data Feed Direct (RDF-D) and introducing Reuters Schema Designer, a "live preview" tool for browsing and discovering the wealth of content on Reuters Market Data System (RMDS).

StreamBase's award winning integrated development environment dramatically accelerates real-time application design and development, and SRE extends this same productivity and power. SRE makes it easier than ever to build ultra low-latency real-time market data applications powered by Reuters market data feeds and RMDS. By virtually eliminating the need to custom code all aspects of real-time financial applications, SRE allows a broader range of users across the capital markets to deliver high-value applications for improving profits and reducing risk in record time.

StreamBase Reuters Edition Version 2 builds on the success of the initial SRE launch in November 2007 and adds new features such as support for all Reuters RDF-D direct to exchange data feeds with full order book depth, and the new Reuters Schema Designer. The Reuters Schema Designer greatly simplifies discovering and utilizing the full breadth and depth of content available on RMDS at application design time all within the SRE development environment. SRE also includes adapters for both generic publishing and subscribing to all market data on RMDS, and a streamlined Reuters Connection Wizard that simplifies connecting to Reuters market data feeds and RMDS infrastructure. In addition, SRE built applications can now incorporate Reuters NewsScope Real-Time news flow and Reuters NewsScope Sentiment Engine news sentiment scoring.

Kevin McPartland, a Senior Analyst at TABB Group commented: "Gone are the days when complex event processing technology was simply a 'nice-to-have' part of a low-latency trading infrastructure. Today, with the increasing deployment of low-latency data feeds, a well-integrated and easily customizable CEP system has become an integral component of low-latency infrastructures and a valuable tool in making trading decisions in milliseconds."

Michael Parlapiano, Executive Vice President, Reuters Information Management Solutions, said: "StreamBase has done a fabulous job building on the momentum from the first release of SRE by adding support for RDF-D direct feeds and introducing new tools that further increase the productivity of developers on the RMDS platform. Productivity matters more than ever to our clients, especially given the proliferation of new data sources and data types available through RMDS including over 50 RDF-D direct feed venues. StreamBase continues to be a source of innovation in our industry and we're delighted SRE version 2 is now available to RMDS clients."

Chris Risley, CEO, StreamBase, said: "This latest release makes users of StreamBase Studio's graphical development environment even more productive in building applications that process the full range of Reuters data using the new RFA6 API, including low-latency direct-to-exchange feeds, order book data, and news. We are pleased to see the enthusiastic response to the product from our early customers, and this version further lowers the technical barrier to developing event processing applications that improve profitability and reduce risks."

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