Shazam Networks standardises on GoldenGate Software

Source: GoldenGate Software

GoldenGate Software Inc., a leading provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions, today announced that the SHAZAM network, which operates the seventh largest electronic funds transfer (EFT) network in the United States, has expanded its use of GoldenGate® solutions through an enterprise license agreement. The SHAZAM network has standardized on GoldenGate solutions to integrate data in real-time for both business and customer-facing applications, as well as to support high availability of mission critical applications for the SHAZAM network, nationwide.

The SHAZAM network processes millions of transactions per day, and supports more than 10,000 merchants in 42 states and nearly 1,600 financial institutions in 30 states, providing convenient and cost-effective electronic payment processing. By standardizing on GoldenGate solutions, SHAZAM has been able to streamline its operations, preserve resources, and gain better visibility into enterprise-wide transactions.

"From day one, we experienced exceptional value using GoldenGate," said Terry Dooley, senior vice president of information technology and CIO for SHAZAM. "With a distributed processing environment, a significant amount of data is moved between applications. This requires we use a product that can integrate with different databases and different hardware platforms. Integrating data across the network was a complicated, resource intensive, and time-consuming project. GoldenGate was initially licensed to provide replication support for our HP NonStop systems; but as we gained experience with GoldenGate, we quickly found additional uses and began phasing out older technologies including internally written code.

"Whether we deploy it for application and system migrations or for real-time data integration for reporting, GoldenGate has proven to be very flexible and easy to use. The value of this type of technology is that it can scale and operate in a diverse infrastructure with minimal overhead."

A major factor in SHAZAM's initial selection of GoldenGate was the solutions' support for heterogeneous databases. SHAZAM's environment requires capturing, transforming and moving large volumes of data in real-time between IBM DB2, Oracle, HP NonStop, and Microsoft SQL, as well as making fresh data available to business intelligence tools. Standardizing on GoldenGate solutions allowed SHAZAM to focus development resources on new product development.

"To address some of the most demanding business needs, we continue to see our customers deploy GoldenGate technology across complex, heterogeneous infrastructures," said Sami Akbay, vice president of product management and marketing for GoldenGate. "The SHAZAM network isn't only a showcase for our continuous availability offerings for business critical systems; it also shows that our real-time data integration solutions are becoming the new standard for the world's leading organizations."

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