Hatstand joins Open MiFID Alliance

Source: Hatstand

Hatstand, the leading electronic trading consultancy, announced today that it has joined forces with the Open MiFID Alliance (OMA), a pan-European alliance created to tackle the challenges presented by the new MiFID regulatory environment.

The alliance enables financial institutions to adopt pragmatic solutions to upgrade their IT infrastructure and meet the regulatory requirements of the directive. Led by Avitis and Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) the OMA partners include Cinnober, Mobius Management Systems (an ASG Company), edge IPK, SAS, ULLINK, and Gissing Software.

Ian Mouat, Head of the MiFID practice at Hatstand, said "We are delighted to become part of this very valuable consortium for the financial markets industry. We believe that by working together, we will be able to bring strong synergies and more integrated solutions to our clients and, in addition, provide support to clients of other OMA members seeking solutions in the post-MiFID market."

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