Société Générale signs for MDSL market data management ASP

Source: MDSL

MDSL has signed up Société Générale Group to use its ASP delivered inventory management service.

Société Générale Group has used MDSL's Market Data Manager (MDM) solution to control and document its market data spend for several years, and has now signed a deal to both move MDM to a global ASP delivered service, and to roll out MDSL's Telecoms Expense Manager (TEM). These products will be used worldwide by all entities of Societe Generale Group (SGCIB, Fimat, Barep, SGAM etc.)

Carl Jones head of European Sales at MDSL says: "We are delighted to add Societe Generale Group to our list of ASP customers. We have been successfully running the service for two years now, and this allows our customers to use our products from anywhere in the world without having to worry about database software, hardware and backups. Many of our smaller and middle size customers already use our ASP service, but Societe Generale Group is one of the first of our large customers to move to the service, we are sure there will be many more! We are also delighted that Societe Generale Group is expanding the use of our products to include management of its telecoms costs, - we now have a significant and growing customer base that is taking control of telecoms costs in a structured way using TEM – repeating the successes they have had in doing this with market data in the past."

David Berry, Global Head of Market Data Commercial confirmed the contract signature and mentioned the ASP solution seems to be the way forward for global entities like Societe Generale Group.

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