Forex Capital Markets Group delivers Townsend Analytics' RealTick platform

Source: Townsend Analytics

Townsend Analytics, one of the world's largest direct-access trading infrastructure firms, and Forex Capital Markets Group, the world's largest non-bank FCM that specializes solely in spot Forex, are forging new ground in the retail foreign exchange (FX) marketplace.

The two industry giants announced today that they are providing FXCM customers with advanced charting, filters and order types through Townsend's premier direct-access trading platform, RealTick®. Previously unavailable in the retail FX marketplace, RealTick's sophisticated tools include:
  • Proprietary FX filters - 340 currency pairs are analyzed in real-time according to various statistical parameters
  • Advanced charting - traders can create custom conditions, trigger orders from a condition, apply conditions to charts, and even trade from charts
  • Advanced order types - conditional, time slicing (by time and volume),stop limit, trailing stops, order cancels order (OCO), and many others
  • Custom alerts and trading cues - these ensure traders don't miss around-the-clock trading opportunities

    "By integrating RealTick's formidable tools with FXCM's direct access execution capabilities, we give our customers a considerable advantage in the foreign exchange marketplace," states FXCM Vice President of Sales David Waring. "Now they can access unparalleled decision-support, risk management, and trade opportunity discovery tools and then execute a Forex transaction without having to switch between applications."

    "FXCM's retail focus is a natural extension of where our business began in the 1980s with the U.S. equity and futures markets," says Mike Felix, Director of Marketing for RealTick and Townsend Analytics. "With FXCM adding more than 3000 new customers a month, we believe a large portion will trade through RealTick given its advanced analytics and trading capabilities. Adding Forex trading also provides our existing retail broker dealers an additional asset class to offer their customers," Felix adds.

    FXCM has grown to service more than 50,000 retail clients from more than 80 countries. Retail clients are attracted by FXCM's guarantee on fixed spreads without slippage on stops or limits regardless of trade size. FXCM's growing worldwide client base has pushed volume to over 1,000,000 trades executed each month. In the retail online currency market, this makes FXCM's trading volume virtually unrivaled.

    With daily transaction volumes exceeding $1.2 trillion, the foreign exchange market is by far the largest and most liquid market in the world. New electronic trading technologies are creating a more transparent, open, and liquid market, which guarantees equitable prices, spreads, and liquidity to all Forex investors, large and small. Retail Forex trading has exploded since the Commodity Modernization Act was passed in December of 2000, providing additional regulatory oversight and legitimacy to the industry. As a result, hundreds of retail investors who are particularly attracted by the ability to employ leverage in Forex, are joining this 24-hour, global marketplace.

    RealTick delivers a wide range of North American and European trading- quality market data for multiple asset classes, unlimited depth of book, advanced research and analytic tools, risk and account management tools, as well as direct trading connectivity to major pools of liquidity such as listed exchanges in the U.S. and overseas, ECNs and broker specific destinations.
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