Stratus says ftServer Systems are compatible with Swift interfaces

Source: Stratus

Stratus Technologies, Inc. today announced that, for the first time, the 7,650 financial institutions in 200 countries that comprise the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) can now select an industry-standard server platform that delivers the industry's highest levels of uptime reliability to comply with the stringent network-access requirements defined by SWIFT.

Stratus has verified compatibility of its continuously available Stratus® ftServer® system running Microsoft® Windows® with the SWIFT portfolio of products. In testing recently completed at SWIFT headquarters in Brussels, SWIFTAlliance Access, SWIFTAlliance Gateway, and SWIFTNet Link (SNL) were successfully tested on Stratus' server platform. "As a result of our testing, we are satisfied that our applications perform as desired on the ftServer system from Stratus," said Alain Drese, head of customer integration, SWIFT

The Stratus ftServer W series family is a complete line of Intel processor-based fault-tolerant servers with field-proven uptime reliability of 99.999 percent and better in Windows computing environments. The ftServer system provides the resilience and uptime performance necessary to be embraced by financial institutions that demand absolute data availability. Highly affordable, as well as simple to deploy, operate and maintain, ftServer systems are used today by financial institutions around the world for a variety of transaction-based applications including payments, EFT, ATM, POS, and fraud detection. It is an ideal server platform to support SWIFT applications, which are the financial industry's de facto standard for communicating payments and securities messages globally.

"We are extremely pleased that Stratus can now offer a SWIFT solution to its customers," said Mary Ellen Putnam, director, worldwide financial services sales and business development at Stratus. "Acknowledging continuously available ftServer systems as network-friendly clears the way for SWIFT-enabled institutions to better protect the integrity and resiliency of mission-critical messaging traffic that is essential to their business success."

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