BNY ConvergEx trumpets record-breaking LiquidPoint volumes

Source: BNY ConvergEx

BNY ConvergEx Group, LLC, a leading provider of global agency brokerage and investment technology solutions, today announced that LiquidPoint routed and/or executed a record 685 million options contracts in 2007. This new record marks the seventh consecutive year since the firm's inception in 1999 that LiquidPoint's yearly performance has outpaced the previous year. BNY ConvergEx Group completed its acquisition of LiquidPoint on July 2, 2007.

LiquidPoint's average daily volume in 2007 represented an increase of 56% compared to the year before, and its share of OCC volume increased 57% compared to 2006. The overall volume of the U.S. options industry increased approximately 41% in 2007, according to transaction volume data obtained from the Options Clearing Corporation ("OCC").

LiquidPoint's record-breaking 2007 was marked by consistent increases in monthly volume throughout the year, and continued to gain strength even during the highly volatile market conditions that occurred during the second half of the year. LiquidPoint's HEAT(TM) System executed orders with remarkable consistency throughout this period of market duress, processing an unprecedented number of orders.

Joseph M. Velli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BNY ConvergEx Group, commented, "2007 proved to be an exceptional year for ConvergEx. The combination of unparalleled client service and sophisticated technology offerings that have led to the ongoing growth at LiquidPoint is a great representation of the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit that drives the continued success of ConvergEx."

"Last year's record-breaking volume numbers are a direct result of the increasing amount of advanced electronic functionality engineered into the Heat TM System as well our ability to listen to what our clients want and customize their systems to suit their individual options trading preferences, and this will not change in 2008 and beyond," stated Anthony J. Saliba, President and Chief Executive Officer of LiquidPoint.

LiquidPoint, based in Chicago and a member of BNY ConvergEx Group, is an agency-based registered broker-dealer that specializes in derivatives execution management technology and brokerage services for listed options and equities. LiquidPoint provides a total solution for today's dynamic and diverse trading requirements, combining sophisticated trading tools with its commitment to superior order execution services and focused customer support.

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