Barclaycard Business selects Spendvision expense management technology

Source: Spendvision

Barclaycard Business has today announced a partnership with Spendvision, a world leader in expense management automation, to provide Barclaycard Business customers with a simplified and more cost efficient expense management solution.

The new system offers Barclaycard Business customers an integrated, all-in-one method of managing every kind of expense, from card purchases and cash claims to mobile phone bills and travel expenses.

Denise Leleux, Director, Commercial Cards & Payment Solutions of Barclaycard Business, said: "Our partnership with Spendvision underlines our commitment to delivering business solutions and helping our customers save time and money. Spendvision has a wealth of experience providing expense management solutions to corporations across the globe and we are confident that, working together, we will bring significant advantages to Barclaycard Business customers. The technology we are introducing will allow customers to manage their expenses much more efficiently and could result in savings of up to 75 per cent* on transaction management costs."

Robert Kirby, CEO of Spendvision, said: "Spendvision's technology already supports Barclaycard Business Online Services and we are excited at the opportunity to extend the relationship with Barclaycard Business to make available Spendvision's expense management solutions to its commercial card customers. This partnership will ensure not only that Barclaycard Business' customers benefit, but also that Spendvision will be used exclusively within the UK banking industry and promoted by one of the world's leading corporate credit card brands."

The new system complements existing Barclaycard Business card schemes. The Spendvision technology replaces time-consuming paper expense and purchase management processes with an online expense management system, meaning there is no costly software or hardware to purchase or upgrade. Data on what has been spent on cards is fed directly into the system, call data can be fed in electronically from mobile phone operators, and other expenses such as cash claims can be input manually by employees filing their expenses claims. Employees can also annotate transactions and make an image of their reccceipts so they can be stored online.

The benefits of the Spendvision Expense Management system include:
  • More control - the system allows managers to set rules for transactions and to see what is being spent where
  • More information - an extensive suite of reports helps users identify key areas of spending, negotiate discounts with suppliers and plan budgets
  • Increased efficiency - one integrated system can handle all expenses with less manual inputting and more room for checking, meaning less errors
  • Reduced processing costs - reductions of up 75 per cent* transaction management costs
  • Easy to use - unlike some, the system is easy to use and so encourages compliance among employees.

The Spendvision Expense Management system is offered as an On-Demand solution over the internet so customers have no need to install new software on desktops or servers, and no need to host or publish any materials online or in-house. It is installed, run and maintained on a secure infrastructure on their behalf.

*Spendvision internal customer data August 2007

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