Malbec Partners selects Gissing for market data delivery

Source: Gissing Software

Gissing Software, solution specialists in the routing and transformation of real-time market and trade data, today announced that the new alternative investment platform, launched by Malbec Partners, is using Gissing Software's technology as its core infrastructure. The system went live on 1st November 2007.

By implementing Gissing RealtimeXL in conjunction with the multi-vendor contribution system, Gissing ConteX MCS, Malbec Partners has devised a robust and highly flexible framework for its new operation. Gissing RealtimeXL allows Malbec Partners to combine internal pricing data with real time market data, helping it to develop trading strategies and rapidly prototype new algorithms. This derived data is then instantly shared, using Gissing ConteX MCS, amongst multiple users including quantitative analysts and traders. Once proven, the algorithms are converted into Java applications, using the Gissing TCP API for greater performance. In addition, Gissing ConteX MCS also provides integration to the Bloomberg Trading System to feed real-time positions data, directly into the traders' spreadsheets. This closes the market data loop, enabling accurate position management at all times.

Bassim Al-Khafaji, Chief Information Officer for Malbec Partners stated: "Gissing was critical to the successful launch of our platform, and we have been very impressed with the stability and ease-of-use of ConteX and RealtimeXL."

Mike Vieyra, CEO, Gissing Software stated, "We have worked very closely with Malbec Partners to develop a scalable platform to deliver real-time price information to its highly experienced investment teams. It is using this core infrastructure to perfect its trading strategies and we anticipate this integrated approach will also help it to enhance the performance of its algorithms over time. As the company introduces new strategies and continues to grow we look forward to supporting it with a framework for success." He added: "The buyside demand for flexible, low-latency market data infrastructures will continue to be a driving force for our business in 2008."

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