Deutsche Börse sees 20% turnover rise in 2007

Source: Deutsche Börse

In December €151 billion were turned over on Xetra and on the floor of Börse Frankfurt - a rise of 20 percent year-on-year (December 2006: €125,7 billion).

Thereof €142.2 billion were traded on Xetra gaining 22 percent year-on-year (December 2006: €115.8 billion) and €8.7 billion on the floor (December 2006: €9.8 billion). German equities accounted for €141.6 billion, foreign equities comprising €6.7 billion. Roughly 97 percent of the transaction volume with German equities was executed at Börse Frankfurt. More than 79 percent of foreign equities were traded on Xetra and on the floor.

In the entire month 11.9 million transactions were executed on Xetra, a rise of 50 percent year-on-year (December 2006: 7.9 million).

According to the Xetra liquidity measure (XLM), E.ON AG was the most liquid DAX blue chip in December with 4 basis points (bp) for an order volume of €100,000. AWD Holding AG was the most liquid MDAX stock with 8 bp. The most liquid ETF was the db-x-trackers II iBOXX Sovereigns Eurozone 1-3 TR with 2 bp. The most liquid foreign stock was Royal Dutch Shell with 11 bp. XLM measures liquidity in electronic securities trading on the basis of the implicit transaction costs. It is expressed in basis points (1 bp = 0.01 percent); a low XLM denotes high liquidity in a security.

Siemens AG was the strongest DAX stock on Xetra in December at €10.3 billion. K+S AG was the top MDAX stock at €907.9 million while Balda AG led the SDAX stock at €142 million and Q-Cells AG headed the TecDAX at €810.3 million. At €1.7 billion, the iShares DAX EX was once again the exchange-traded fund with the largest turnover.

On all stock exchanges in Germany €167.7 billion were traded in December according to orderbook turnover statistics - a rise of 18 percent compared year-on-year (December 2006: €141.6 billion). This total included €159.9 billion in equities, warrants and exchange-traded funds, as well as €7.8 billion in fixed-income securities.

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