OMX Nordic Exchange to introduce post trade anonymity

Source: OMX Nordic Exchange

In May 2008, OMX Nordic Exchange will commence post trade anonymity in trading.

The Helsinki and Iceland markets will implement post trade anonymity to all
equity-related markets including First North. In Stockholm, this concerns the
five most traded shares. Following the introduction of post trade anonymity, the
member identity is removed from the market data feed and SAXESS trade ticker.

Where as OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki and Iceland will implement post trade
anonymity in all equity-related markets including First North, the Nordic
Exchange in Stockholm will introduce post trade anonymity in the five most
traded shares, which currently are Ericsson B, Volvo B, TeliaSonera, Nordea, and
H&M B. These five shares represent 33 percent of the total turnover in Stockholm
based on turnover of individual shares in January-September 2007.

OMX Nordic Exchange in Helsinki, Iceland and Stockholm have decided to adopt
post trade anonymity following the results of extensive customer consultation
carried out by OMX in the spring of 2007. OMX Nordic Exchange will not introduce
post trade anonymity in Copenhagen based on the results of the customer

"Anonymous post trading has proven to have positive effects on market
efficiency. Also, trade anonymity reduces market impact costs. All in all, post
trade anonymity is an important factor for the Nordic Exchange to further
attract automated trading volumes," says Jukka Ruuska, President of Nordic
Marketplaces at OMX.

Post trade anonymity is a standard in all major European and U.S. exchanges, and
its adoption is expected to further increase the efficiency of securities

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