Credit Suisse AES links to BlockBook platform

Source: Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse's AES (Advanced Execution Services) and Perimeter Financial Corp. are pleased to announce that BlockBook has been added as the latest destination for Canadian algorithms.

"At Credit Suisse AES, we believe that clients benefit from smart order routing to innovative destinations like BlockBook," said Julie El-Taher, AES Sales at Credit Suisse. "As Canada becomes a multi-destination market like the US and Europe, we are excited about BlockBook's potential to enhance liquidity and reduce market impact for AES clients."

Geoff Eby, President, Perimeter Markets Inc, added, "Our integration means that a Credit Suisse client can now use AES to route to BlockBook - where it will interact with block liquidity from more than 125 buy- and sell-side participants from across North America."

"Credit Suisse is one of the world's foremost electronic trading firms," added Eby. "Their decision to offer BlockBook as a destination for their algos is a huge win for Perimeter, and for our community of Canadian traders."

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