Verizon Business enhances BillManager

Source: Verizon Business

To further improve the electronic billing experience for large businesses and government agencies, Verizon Business has introduced BillManager 4.0, a sophisticated, new software application that enables IT managers to analyze and report on their communications expenses, easily and securely.

Users can download the new application from the Verizon Business Customer Center (VBCC) online portal and then access it through a PC or a local client server.

Unlike paper bills, which can often fill several boxes, Verizon Business billing data accessed via BillManager 4.0 is available on one screen in a customizable format. The new application enables Verizon Business customers to create management reports on telecommunications expenses, devise inventory reports, analyze and report on usage charges, validate taxation, investigate fraudulent charges, and allocate charges to cost codes or other customer data structures. This application is available in a variety of formats and can run several reports simultaneously, including a 13-month summary of activity and a month-over-month report on account fluctuation.

"Delivering a world-class customer experience is our top priority at Verizon Business, and we are continually enhancing our self-service tools to make it even easier for our customers to do business with us," said Tom Vitale, vice president of customer enablement and cross-product support for Verizon Business. "BillManager 4.0 offers customers a reliable, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly way to manage their telecommunications expenses."

Online Capabilities Help With Bill Supervision, Reporting

In addition to BillManager 4.0, Verizon Business offers award-winning online billing applications that enable customers to analyze and audit their telecommunications expenditures. In addition to customized reports, more than 35 built-in reports are available to help track spending and control abuse. These applications also allow multiple users to view the same invoice simultaneously, which facilitates processing.

The VBCC global portal offers customers an integrated, one-stop desktop resource to order, monitor and report on Verizon Business services, as well as view bills - from virtually anywhere at any time. The VBCC allows users to obtain seamless access to critical data and tools, help improve productivity and control costs, and self-manage their products and services.

In addition to enhancing Verizon Business' suite of billing capabilities, the introduction of BillManager 4.0 extends the company's commitment to protect the environment. Earlier this year, Verizon Business teamed with Computershare and American Forests on a program whose goal is to have a tree planted for every customer who registers to conveniently view and pay bills online. The program is modeled after Verizon's successful eTree program for shareholders who opt for electronic versions of annual reports, proxies and other shareholder communications materials.

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