General Welfare subscribes to Interactive Data feed

Source: Interactive Data

Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC), a leading provider of financial market data, analytics and related services, today announced that its Real-Time Services business will provide a wide-range of low-latency data to General Welfare Group.

By integrating Interactive Data's PlusFeed into their proprietary trading applications, General Welfare Group will have seamless access to low latency data from the North American financial markets. This data can help support General Welfare Group as they design, develop and implement their innovative trading strategies.

General Welfare Group is a financial research and development firm providing specialized, portable solutions designed to deliver high-alpha returns for clients in the global investment community.

"We made the decision to switch from our previous data provider because of the speed, data coverage and flexibility offered by Interactive Data's PlusFeed," said Richard H. Cooper, managing director, General Welfare Group. "We are very happy to be working with Interactive Data and believe that their low latency data can help us work towards our objective of delivering high-alpha returns for our clients."

"By investing in our data collection and delivery capabilities, we can offer a broad range of financial institutions a compelling option for their real-time data needs," said Mark Hepsworth, president of Interactive Data Real-Time Services. "We are pleased that General Welfare Group has decided to utilize PlusFeed, and we are confident that Interactive Data's low latency data can help them to optimize their algorithmic trading applications."

PlusFeed is a low latency consolidated real-time digital datafeed that is designed to deliver low latency data from more than 450 sources and exchanges worldwide, covering in excess of 3.4 million securities. In addition to real-time quote and trade data for equities, derivatives, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities and funds, PlusFeed delivers a wide range of other information including reference data, fundamental data, historical data and financial news. PlusFeed is designed to power mission critical electronic market data applications, including algorithmic trading engines, where speed is crucial.

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