Mexico's Vilsa to distribute Aconite EMV products

Source: Aconite

Aconite, leading provider of EMV and smart card software solutions and professional services and Vilsa, one of Mexico's best established software solutions and service providers specializing in card production and card and risk management, have teamed up to provide rapid and cost effective EMV compliancy and related applications for card issuers.

The integration of Aconite's EMV Transaction Enabler (TRxE) and EMV Script Processor (ESP) with best of breed card management solutions supplied by Vilsa enables the processing of EMV transactions and the dynamic management of customer's credit risk through advanced post-issuance scripting. In addition the integration with Aconite's Smart Prepaid Technology will facilitate the rapid development of new business propositions such as contactless pre-paid cards for low value payments in such areas as transport and retail environments.

"This relationship reflects the synergy between our respective offerings and positions us to respond to the strong demand for integrated and comprehensive EMV and smart card solutions in Mexico" said Patrick Regester, SVP sales & marketing at Aconite. "Together we provide all the pieces of the puzzle that card issuers need to facilitate EMV migration and enable them to enter the prepaid and contactless smart card market with maximum return on investment.

Luis Vidales, CEO at Vilsa said; "Aconite's expertise in authorization, scripting, prepaid and contactless solutions will complement and strengthen our market position in both EMV migration and the development of smart card solutions for our customers. We selected Aconite because their product range and business proposition perfectly fits the Mexican market as their software is modular and interoperable and easily connects with any existing authorisation system. This is a huge benefit as it substantially reduces implementation time."

"At whatever stage a card issuer may be with their EMV migration, be it early stage functionality or advanced development of their smart card offerings, we now have available products designed to integrate easily with existing host systems. With enhanced business solutions such as EMV scripting offline risk management and support for pre-paid and contactless cards, card issuers will be able to maximize existing investments, and capitalize on new marmarket opportunities with minimum disruption and risk to their business" he continued.

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