Fujitsu sets three-year, 5 billion yen sales target for green infrastructure programme

Source: Fujitsu

Fujitsu Limited today began offering the Green Infrastructure Solution service with the aim of optimizing the energy efficiency of the facilities that house customers' IT equipment, including buildings and machine rooms as well as incidental facilities, such as for electric power and cooling, which all together account for more than half the power consumed by a data center.

Fujitsu has developed know-how on optimizing the energy efficiency of facilities housing IT equipment, primarily through the design and operation of 50 data centers across Japan used by the Fujitsu Group. The Company will leverage this expertise to provide customers with consulting, design, deployment, and operation services aimed at building highly energy-efficient IT facilities. In order to optimize energy efficiency, Fujitsu Architects & Engineers, a group of Fujitsu specialists with expertise in both IT and construction, will assist customers with the planning, design, deployment, and operation of their IT facilities.

By making IT facilities more energy efficient and reducing their power costs and environmental burden, Green Infrastructure Solution services will contribute toward lessening the environmental impact not only of Fujitsu customers but of society on the whole.

In recent years, IT has played an increasingly important role within corporations, and customers have gradually expanded their IT investments accordingly. While the strengthening of a company's IT infrastructure improves competitiveness, it also gives rise to a variety of problems, including increased power consumption and electric power costs, as well as a higher environmental burden. In particular, the increase in CO2 emissions has become an urgent problem, and addressing this issue is a high priority for management. In addition, due to the growth in the integration and scale of IT systems along with their longer running hours, IT departments are now confronted with inadequate power supplies and the burdens of augmenting and maintaining additional power equipment.

Against this backdrop, Fujitsu today begins providing Green Infrastructure Solutions designed to offer its customers IT facilities optimized for energy-efficiency. Based on the energy efficiency know-how Fujitsu has accumulated from deploying and operating 50 data centers throughout Japan, the Green Infrastructure Solution assists customers with the planning, design, deployment, and operation of their IT facilities from the comprehensive viewpoint of lifecycle management.

This solution aims to reduce customers' power consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 50 percent of their current levels. Moreover, it will enable IT systems to be expanded flexibly, unconstrained by power capacity, and gradually optimized in accordance with IT budgets. In addition, it will reduce the burdens associated with maintenance and renovation of IT facilities.

The Green Infrastructure Solution is positioned as one link in Fujitsu's Green Policy Innovation project for lessening customers' total environmental burden, and by extension, the environmental impact of society as a whole.

About the Green Infrastructure Solution

Fujitsu Architects & Engineers, which possesses a high level of expertise in both the construction and IT fields, will take the lead in promoting and delivering solutions that optimize the energy efficiency of customers' entire IT facilities, including buildings, power supplies, and cooling equipment.

Specifically, Fujitsu will provide facility consulting ranging from the diagnosis of facility conditions to preparation of optimization plans; facility services that optimize the energy efficiency of customers' machine rooms and data centers, from design and construction through the operation stage; and outsourcing services that support, from design and deployment through operation, the energy efficiency and overall efficiency of customer IT facilities housed in Fujitsu data centers.

Main Features of the Green Infrastructure Solution

1) Utilizing specialized expertise to provide optimal energy efficiency

Fujitsu Architects & Engineers will select various types of advanced technology relating to cooling, electric power, and machine room equipment and, giving careful consideration to suitability for the customer's IT assets and operational policies, will then optimize the energy efficiency of the entire facility.

2) Solutions that leverage accumulated experience in data centers

In the Fujitsu Tokyo Secondary System Center, which opened in December 2007, Fujitsu offers services driven by advanced technologies, including layout design using heat flow simulation, specially designed racks for data centers with temperature monitoring capability. Fujitsu has accumulated energy efficiency know-how from deploying and operating 50 data centers throughout Japan. Based on this practical experience, the Company will optimize customers' machine rooms and data center facilities.

3) Technical strengths and facilities management methods only a total IT vendor can offer

Fujitsu will enhance the visualization, efficiency, and optimization of customers' IT facilities by leveraging its cutting-edge technologies, including IT facilities cost analysis systems and energy monitoring systems, along with facilities management methods the company has gained from management of such facilities. Using its technical strengths as a leading IT vendor, Fujitsu will verify the compatibility of servers, storage systems, and other types of IT equipment for the customer's IT facility from the viewpoint of cost and operation, and promote the optimization of the customer's overall IT environment.

Sales targets

40 companies adopting the service within three years and 5 billion yen in orders.

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