Choreology launches Cohesions 2.0

Source: Choreology

Choreology Ltd, the Business Transaction Management (BTM) company, has released Cohesions 2.0™ the latest version of its software providing synchronization for business processes and the coordination of updates spanning multiple applications and services.

Cohesions 2.0 provides coordination and synchronization of distributed processes resulting in consistent and reliable updates across multiple systems and services. Cohesions 2.0 actively aligns and manages the state of those loosely-coupled participating systems, inside and outside the firewall and across heterogeneous technical environments.

Cohesions 2.0 also provides Business Transaction Management for Web Services and BPEL-based (Business Process Execution Language) workflow processes. A number of new features have been incorporated into Cohesions 2.0 including:
  • Support for fully recoverable applications - transactions can be persisted, both at key points and at any stage, during the lifecycle thereby enabling recovery in the event of a system failure
  • Simplified Java API and programming model that is easy to code and implement
  • Increased scalability support for large numbers of concurrent, long running transactions
  • Full lifecycle support for applications deployed as J2EE EJBs
  • Support for IBM Websphere 5.1 and Apache Tomcat 4.1/Axis 1.1 application containers
  • Support for Red Hat Linux ES/AS 2.1 (kernel 2.4.9)

    For end users Cohesions 2.0 addresses a wide range of business integration issues including:
  • Reliable data propagation to multiple downstream systems
  • Integrating portals with business applications
  • Delivering BPEL transactional capability
  • Creating reliable exchanges across virtual market places
  • Coordinating complex trades or orders
  • Synchronizing current and future production systems during parallel running
  • Tracking and coordination of payments, claims or escrow agreements

    Technical advantages include:
  • Significant productivity gains in the development, testing and support of distributed business transactions
  • Application developers no longer require specialist transaction management skills
  • Reduced necessity for inter-application reconciliation and secondary repair systems
  • Accelerated adoption of and time-to-market for BPEL-based products

    Cohesions 2.0 is also available for OEM integration, allowing software vendors to offer business transaction management capabilities in their own products through the calling of the Cohesions’ Java libraries. Cohesions 2.0 has been architected to:
  • Operate using multiple transaction protocols, whilst insulating vendors from any flux in transaction protocol standards by using a single, simple programming API
  • Operate over multiple transport protocols on each leg of a transaction which affords freedom to coordinate a mix of applications that use new and older technologies
  • Work across and alongside architectures that span Web Services, J2EE, .NET and native-process standalone deployments
  • Allow BPEL vendors to provide transaction support to their customers

    Cohesions 2.0 operates in Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris and Linux environments.
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