Fidelica ships biometric smart card

Source: Fidelica Microsystems

Fidelica Microsystems, a pioneering developer of fingerprint imaging and authentication technology, announces the availability of the company's FSC-3012 Biometrically Authenticated Smart Card.

This biometrically-authenticated credential features a fully-embedded biometric system. Fidelica's smart card is the first in the industry to provide fingerprint imaging, enrollment and authentication contained entirely within an ISO 7810/16-format smart card. This card offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use means for security professionals to add biometric authentication to an access control or IT system, simply by upgrading cards.

"Based on the BCP-3 platform, the FSC-3012 allows accurate and reliable biometric security to be quickly and economically deployed," said Robert Allen, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Fidelica. "By embedding a flexible plastic fingerprint scanner, microprocessor, and capture and matching software into a standards compliant smart card, we have made possible a biometric credential which conclusively ties the card to the cardholder," Allen continued.

Placement of the entire biometric system on the card provides the FSC-3012 exceptional accuracy, flexibility and cost-effectiveness:
  • No need to replace or modify infrastructure or back-end systems. The FSC-3012 simply adds biometric security to existing systems
  • Eliminates the need to transfer fingerprint templates between the reader and the card, thereby reducing interface requirements and increasing speed of use.
  • Protects the cardholder's privacy - an authentication decision is the only data released from the card.
  • Eliminates interoperability issues associated with the use of varying fingerprint sensors on card readers.
  • Allows for ready migration to biometrics on smart cards with ISO 14443 and other wireless protocols without installing fingerprint sensors on card readers.

Fidelica's FSC-3012 has a compact form factor, high reliability and efficiency and low price making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Fidelica offers a host of support tools such as a card development kit (CDK) and enrollment software.

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