Goldman introduces global partner programme for trade workflow

Source: Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has launched a new program which brings together vendors, brokers and service providers that integrate with Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading.

Through seamless integration, the participants in the Signature Program provide services or tools that enhance the trade workflow throughout the execution and clearing process.

We have introduced this program to ensure that our clients are aware of the full suite of functionality available and to make it easier for them to utilize the multiple services available in our electronic trading offering. Given the dozens of DMA solutions, brokers, exchanges, crossing networks and trading tools available in the market, our aim is to simplify the menu of choices and clarify our offering. We have also created a web portal to allow customers to easily navigate the program.

We work with leading providers in the following categories: Order & Execution Management, Multi-broker Network, Analytics & Decision Making Tools, Data & Content Providers, Risk Management, Post Trade Reporting & Processing, and Network & Infrastructure Services. We currently have 20 firms across the US and Europe participating in the launch, including an additional 60 brokers that are already connected.

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