Zealous recruits EAI to develop ATS

Source: Zealous Trading Group

Zealous Trading Group (OTCBB: ZLST, ZATS) has chosen EAI Technologies, LLC ("EAI") to develop its next generation trading platform and to serve as ZATS' long-term global technology partner.

ZATS version 2.0, which is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2008, will provide users with significantly enhanced functionality over the current version 1.0 platform.

EAI Technologies specializes in enterprise Web application development, end-to-end design, product management, and new concept validation. EAI has extensive experience developing robust and scalable e-commerce and capital markets transaction platforms for clients such as VeriSign, AOL, Commerzbank, and the $500 billion annual fixed income-offering portal for the Federal Home Loan Bank.

"Although we are pleased with ZATS version 1.0, it became clear that in order to provide a highly scalable, global, multi-product platform we needed to partner with a company that has a proven track record of developing robust transactional systems for high profile clients," said Zealous Trading Group President and Chief Executive Officer Milton "Todd" Ault III. "After careful analysis, EAI was an easy choice."

Velan Thillairajah, Chief Executive Innovator of EAI Technologies, commented: "We saw a tremendous opportunity to contribute to Zealous' groundbreaking platform. We are excited about the restricted capital market space and know it will create value for issuers, investment banks, and hedge funds, as well as qualified investors. We look forward to helping make the new ZATS paradigm a reality."

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