IT2 upgrades treasury management system

Source: IT2

IT2 Treasury Solutions Limited announced the release of version 6.3 of the IT2 Treasury Management System/Treasury Workstation to an audience of over 150 clients and business partners at their Global User Conference, which was held in London on 28th November 2007.

IT2 version 6.3 features a major extension of the system's risk management solution, including:
  • Support for Delta-Gamma VaR derivation, for portfolios including options and equities.
  • VaR limit support.
  • IT2's investment management function now allows trial investments to be defined, enhancing decision support facilities and enabling Beta portfolios to be operated for benchmarking purposes.

IT2 is the first treasury system to adopt the new Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface, which makes it significantly easier for users to get more out of the system, enabling them to deliver better results in treasury, more effectively and intuitively. IT2 version 6.3 provides expanded treasury Best Practice support, through the integration of treasury policy and process documentation with management and operational reporting and transparent, automated and efficient treasury workflow management.

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