US Bank provides online access to cheque images

Source: US Bank

U.S. Bank has made it easier and more convenient for customers to keep a record of their checks by providing electronic images of canceled checks and deposit slips available through U.S. Bank Internet Banking at

"Gone are the days when you struggle to recall where you wrote a certain check and for what amount. Now, all our customers have to do is log in and we will show them the front and back of the actual check," said Steve SaLoutos, senior vice president of products and services at U.S. Bank. "The result is instant peace of mind and overall better service to our customers through the Internet, by phone or at the branch."

Consumer and small business customers have the ability to search, view, print and download images, all within the secure confines of U.S. Bank Internet Banking. Access to images of items clearing within the past 90 days is free. Images of items greater than 90 days can be obtained through the secured Customer Service Center and may be subject to a nominal fee.

The enhancement is part of an overall movement at U.S. Bank and institutions across the financial industry to make electronic what has traditionally been a paper based system. Combined with the federal law known as Check 21 that goes into effect on Oct. 28, 2004, check imaging and electronification represent a fundamental shift in the payment industry.

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