JustSystems targets Emea with Triton Consulting partnership

Source: JustSystems

JustSystems, leaders in enterprise information delivery, today announced that it has entered a partnership with Triton Consulting, the UK's largest independent IBM Information Management specialist.

As adoption of Extensible Markup Language (XML) grows, the partnership will provide enterprises with access to leading information management solutions and services for the storage, retrieval and querying of XML data. From the partnership, enterprises will benefit from increased business agility within shorter timescales.

To address the information management challenge, JustSystems' XFY Enterprise Solution works closely with IBM DB2 9 and IBM DB2 9 Express-C pureXML data servers. From this combined solution, enterprise customers can integrate information from multiple sources in a variety of combinations of vocabularies and transform the information into unified, manageable and reusable assets. With JustSystems' expansion into EMEA in July 2007, the company sought a regional partner with extensive services experience of IBM databases to match its solution offering as well as help with the configuration and installation of XFY where needed. As an IBM Alliance Partner with specialist DB2 knowledge and experience to overcome strategic, technical and managerial issues with EMEA enterprises, Triton Consulting was the ideal partner to promote JustSystems' world-class solution.

Julian Stuhler, Service Delivery Director at Triton Consulting, said: "As the preferred systems integrator for JustSystems' XFY, we want enterprise customers to realise the benefits of XFY within the shortest timeframe possible. JustSystems' solution is ideally suited to meet the growth in XML usage, allowing real-time searching and integration of XML data to address challenges such as visualising business conditions, satisfying compliance rules, reducing costs and improving operations."

Simon Shaw, Senior Vice President EMEA, JustSystems, said: "Our partnership with Triton Consulting exemplifies our EMEA business strategy to ensure that we continue to focus on developing the XFY architecture but have experts on hand to provide knowledge e and experience for configuration and implementatiion of the solution. Together with Triton's services, we feel we have a very strong offering to enterprises who want to meet today's information management needs as well as prepare them for those of tomorrow."

The adoption of XML has grown steadily in recent years but is expected to increase significantly in the coming 18 months. Compliance, M&A activity and the adoption of new business models will continue to present challenges for enterprises, especially providing a visual interface to present information from disparate systems. XML is receiving a lot of interest beyond being a standard means of exchanging data; and there is a need for a platform for freely combining the huge variety of functional XML components that are being created within organisations. As vendors have enhanced the performance of XML-based searches, notably hybrid databases such as IBM's DB2 V9 (Viper), a platform to help with the querying and retrieval of XML data will complement the advances made in XML searches.

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