29West expands monitoring capabilities

Source: 29West

29West, Inc., a leading provider of high performance messaging software, today announced the addition of a 29West MIB to support SNMP monitoring for the company's messaging solutions.

The monitor will support both the Latency Busters Messaging (LBM) solution for streaming messaging and the Ultra messaging for the Enterprise (UME) messaging solution. The solution is being demonstrated at the 29West booth at the FIA show in Chicago on November 27th and 28th.

The addition of the 29West MIB provides further monitoring support to the current suite of monitoring capabilities that include: Wireshark dissectors for passive monitoring, extensive API support to gather statistics into your application and aggregated statistics support - which allows application developers to have the messaging statistics automatically gathered at a central machine for system wide monitoring.

"We are excited to be adding to our extensive monitoring capability by providing support for SNMP and delivering a turn-key management station through the use of the Intermapper SNMP management station", says Mark Mahowald, president and founder of 29West. "By making statistics from 29West messaging available through an SNMP based standards interface, high performance customers can now integrate with a large number of specialized monitoring solutions which provides a host of functionality from network forensics to graphical representation. We have been approached by a number of leading firms that provide monitoring software and management stations and have been working with them to ensure their products are able to view and report on 29West messaging traffic for our shared customers. The use of SNMP will ease this integration and our range of monitoring solutions offers our customers the flexibility they need. The pressure towards low latency and high performance plays well for us, given our performance advantages over the other commercial messaging products available today. Within this high performance environment, a broad range of monitoring options is crucial."

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