Deutsche Börse Systems deploys Corvil technology to monitor network performance

Source: Corvil Ltd

Corvil Ltd, a leading provider of next-generation network performance solutions, today announced that Deutsche Börse Systems has deployed the latest Corvil 4.0 technology to ensure the success of Deutsche Börse Group's new Eurex market data service to be launched this month.

Eurex is Europe's leading derivatives exchange. The significant growth in order and quote volumes requires a low latency network that ensures swift data dissemination.

Along with the trend to algorithmic trading, network performance is one of the top priorities. Ahead of the launch of its Eurex market data service, Deutsche Börse required an advanced monitoring solution, which allows microvisibility of the network for the launch of the new Eurex platform. During its review, Deutsche Börse Systems considered several approaches and trialled the latest Corvil 4.0 technology. After the trial was complete it opted to implement the technology world-wide.

"Eurex's new market data dissemination is a crucial service that is going to significantly enhance our support to algorithmic trading. In a highly competitive landscape where time equals money, even the slightest delay on the network can make the difference for our customers between making a trade or not. With Corvil 4.0 we are now able to monitor our worldwide network on a sub-millisecond basis," said Christian Leis, Head of Networks.

Corvil Technology provides the required visibility into the network by monitoring all traffic with an accuracy of 200 microseconds. With Corvil technology Deutsche Börse is now able to perform end-to-end latency analysis from its data centres in Frankfurt to their key access points across the globe.

"Algorithmic trading has really upped the stakes for network performance in financial services. Operating in an industry where latency has the potential to seriously impact operations, Deutsche Börse has to be confident that their network infrastructure can meet the demands of the modern trading environment," said Donal Byrne, CEO, Corvil Ltd. "CorvilNet will provide Deutsche Börse with the granular level of insight required to ensure that it is controlling latency and loss through the appropriate provisioning of bandwidth and quality of service technologies."

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