SuperDerivatives reports Greek bank contracts

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives, the benchmark for options and the leading multi-asset derivatives platform, has announced that major Greek financial institutions including leading banks such as Eurobank EFG and Marfin Popular Bank are deploying its interest rates derivatives and structured products platform, SD-IR.

SD-IR provides real-time, accurate market prices, risk management and analytics for all interest rate derivatives, inflation derivatives and structured products in 40 global currencies. The online 24-hour system delivers real-time accurate market prices for a wide range of interest rate derivatives, from vanilla products to the most exotics, including a full suite of callable structured investments, structured swaps and all CMS-based products. A full database of market rates is included, supported by analysis and charting tools for maximum control and flexibility.

Founded in 1990, Eurobank EFG Group is an international banking organization with total assets of over €63.3 bn that employs over 21,000 people in ten countries around Europe and offers its products and services both through its network of 1,500 branches and points of sale and through alternative distribution channels.

"We needed a real-time interest rates derivatives platform that would consistently provide true market prices for even the most complex structures with sophisticated risk management functionality and accurate derivatives data. SuperDerivatives proved to be best match for Eurobank," said Yannis Seimenis, Head of Treasury Corporate Sales, Eurobank EFG. "Our sales desk productivity has been enhanced by the platform's easy to understand user interface and the embedded structuring tools while the marketing tools contribute to better customer service."

The rapid adoption of SD-IR in Greece follows a similar pattern across European derivatives markets and stems from a growing importance of interest rates derivatives for both investors and hedging professionals. The recent Greek pension fund crisis, which further emphasized the importance of timely and accurate measurement and analysis of interest rate risk, accelerated local SuperDerivatives' expansion. Additionally, SuperDerivatives enables the proactive ongoing management of mortgage financing risks required by the world leading Greek shipping industry.

"We are very pleased that many leading Greek banks are quickly adopting the SuperDerivatives real-time pricing and analytics platform SD-IR, joining banks and buy side institutions from Europe and all over the world. Both global and regional banks are using SuperDerivatives interest rates derivatives platform to help their customers leverage investment opportunities, manage risk and hedge exposure. With SD-IR, they can price all the structures very accurately, sometimes even more accurately than experienced traders in large investment houses," said Robert Emerson, Product Manager Interest Rates, SuperDerivatives.

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