Telekurs adds Zacks earnings estimates

Source: Telekurs

Telekurs Financial, one of the leading global providers of financial information, features a wealth of new analysis and fundamental data from the renowned supplier Zacks Investment Research. Effective immediately data from this leading global information provider has been integrated into Telekurs Financial's sophisticated market and reference data products.

Telekurs Financial keeps up with its mission to provide the financial industry with reliable, high-quality and easy-to-integrate financial information. Telekurs Financial's global data offering serves the growing information needs of investment advisors, fund managers, investment and retail banks, finance websites and the media, and is delivered through Telekurs Financial's state-of-the-art product palette. Telekurs' financial information products are globally renowned for their reliability as well as for their rich data content. The product palette comprises structured and coded data feeds (Valordata Feed / VDF, Market Data Feed / MDF) sophisticated visualization tools (Telekurs iD and Valordata Browser), the Intraday Pricing Service as well as customized solutions.
In response to the growing industry needs for reliable and comprehensive fundamental and analysis data, Telekurs Financial's products will carry quarterly and annual earnings estimates for around 4,500 companies domiciled in the United States and Canada. This data will be provided by Zacks Investment Research Inc., the renowned provider of such products as the Zacks Rank and Zacks Equity Research, which Wall Street relies upon as the best combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Zacks will provide earnings estimates for previous periods as well as future periods going forward, along with actual earnings and other selected fundamental data points.
Zacks has proven that earnings per share estimate revisions and surprises are the most powerful forces affecting stock prices. In Telekurs Financial's products, Zacks' earnings estimates and selected fundamental data will allow investors and traders to compare Wall Street's expectations to actual company performance. Companies that have consistently outperformed expectations in the past have a high probability of doing so in the future. Outperforming expectations consistently is almost always reflected in higher equity prices.
The same goesoeoes for companies that have consistently underperformed when compared to expectations. Telekurs clients using Zacks data in Telekurs' products will be able to quickly assess these trends for each stock in their portfolio and make trading decisions accordingly.

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