RBC Capital Markets licenses Suite analytics

Source: Suite

Suite, LLC, vendor of dealer-grade analytics for fixed-income and credit derivatives, announced today the execution of a multi-year, ALib license agreement with RBC Capital Markets, the corporate and investment arm of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

RBC is advancing its core systems infrastructure by employing new Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies, and has decided to include ALib as the global analytic standard for their fixed income cash and derivatives portfolios.

Suite is working with RBC to integrate ALib for an extensive population of fixed-income OTC derivatives and cash products including FRN's, Asset-Swaps, Bond-Options, Corporate, US Government, Canadian, and Emerging-Market instruments. The libraries (available on Windows, UNIX and Linux) are being applied for such functions as pricing, valuation, risk aggregation, P/L attribution and bond OAS analyses. The C/C++ libraries are available with well-documented API's for Excel, Java, C#, VB/VBA and Excel add-ins.

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