SGX takes 20% equity stake in Philippine Dealing System Holdings

Source: Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) today announced that it has agreed in-principle to accept the offer of a 20% equity stake in Philippine Dealing System Holdings Corp. (PDS) for an estimated investment of Php 150m (approximately S$5m Exchange rate: Php 1 = S$0.033. Total S$ investment amount is subject to exchange rate changes.).

This investment is offered to SGX at par value of Php 100 per share. The proposed acquisition is subject to mutually-agreeable terms and necessary approvals.

PDS operates a fixed-income exchange, depository and foreign exchange settlement platform. This proposed acquisition will provide SGX the opportunity to expand into a new geographical market and collaborate with PDS on derivatives products. SGX and PDS will also explore depository linkages to custodise securities in each other's markets, on behalf of their account holders. The proposed collaboration will reinforce SGX's Asian Gateway strategy and position.

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