Wincor Nixdorf adds fingerprint payment technology to retail suite

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf's product suite for the retail industry now includes technology for safe and easy fingerprint payments as well as additional fingerprint applications such as cashier authorization and access control.

Fingerprint analysis is considered to be one of the most secure biometric applications because it can clearly identify a person and because its unique data can neither be lost nor passed on. The technology is thus well suited for secure, quick payments at point of sale.

In addition to POS payments, the biometric solution can also be used to identify cashiers and thus replace the key system. The solution makes unauthorized access to the register extremely difficult and can easily detect manipulation as only authorized users have access and each entry clearly refers to a certain individual.

Wincor Nixdorf's fingerprint analysis solution has proven itself in the field. The Fingerprint Reader SFR-3000UA records fingerprints at the POS terminal. The Upek TouchChip fingerprint sensor (TCS1) ensures a high-quality recording of the fingerprint regardless of skin type and other factors that could affect quality. A biometric server compiles and stores the biometric data, and checks all impressions. With the help of a sophisticated algorithm, the system analyzes the topographical relationships between the minutiae and line, and generates geometric comparisons, ensuring a high-quality, secure identification.

The solution is controlled by specially designed software, which is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, WePOS, Red Had Linux and WNL POS. As a one-stop provider, Wincor Nixdorf not only provides hardware and software but can also take over the entire project management and customer service.

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