Dynamic Card Solutions releases card personalisation product

Source: Dynamic Card Solutions

Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), developer of CardWizard, the leading instant issue and PIN selection software application for financial institutions, today introduced the CardWizard FCP 20/20, the industry's first and only patent-pending instant issuance product to offer full, over-the-edge card personalization.

Full card personalization allows financial institutions to customize any instantly issued cards using thermal, unembossed print and customizable backgrounds for instant issue debit, credit and/or prepaid cards. The CardWizard FCP 20/20 also marks the first hardware development for DCS.

Using the CardWizard FCP 20/20 along with DCS' CardWizard software, financial institutions can add any background image to the front and/or back of a card. Financial institutions can deliver standard background designs or allow customers to choose custom designs including their own images to be printed on cards. CardWizard transfers the image along with all personalization data to the CardWizard FCP 20/20 where the card is printed on the spot without requiring a separate embosser. These images are printed onsite onto both sides of association-branded blank stock in high definition full color, eliminating the need to store multiple card stocks at branch locations and adding greater personalization at the branch.

Recognizing the positive impact on customer service and card activation rates, more banks and credit unions are implementing instant issuance technology, with most also offering a multitude of background images to associate the cards with affinity programs and/or institutional branding. By enabling a branch to print background images on the spot, institutions reduce card inventory of pre-printed card stock, aid in end-of-day balancing processes for branch personnel, and streamline the issuance process.

"Most banks and credit unions are looking for a competitive advantage in order to retain and gain customers. Adding the ability to instantly issue customized background cards helps all institutions achieve the goal of instant gratification for their customers while providing a high level of card personalization," said Ron Zanotti, vice president of sales and marketing for DCS. "Custom background personalization allows banks and credit unions to instantly provide highly personalized debit, credit and prepaid cards and increase the number of branded cards issued while reducing operating procedures and costs associated with card issuance."

Specifically, the CardWizard FCP 20/20 increases simplicity and reliability while also reducing costs by using a thermal print technology that prints the image on film instead of directly onto the card. The image on the film is then transferred via heat and pressure onto the card. Thermal printing on a card increases card durability and eliminates the need to run the card through a separate embossing machine. By eliminating the embosser, financial institutions spend less time printing and issuing cards and save money by reducing the hardware required. With thermal print used on unembossed cards, financial institutions can offer a multitude of cards and images without increased operational difficulty and investment expenses. This capability greatly increases the number of instantly issued cards distributed at branch locations.

"Branded cards are quickly becoming the global currency. Providing access to next-generation instant issuance tools helps to introduce great revenue-generating opportunities for banks and credit unions," said Zanotti. "Providing our more than 350 customers with the best, most reliable and affordable instant issuance capabilities is key to their success. By offering these types of solutions, we further our commitment to drive innovation for the instant issuance industry."

As announced on Nov. 1, TD Banknorth, headquartered in Portland, Maine, is piloting the CardWizard FCP 20/20 in 46 branches across the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. TD Banknorth also plans to expand the program to its current network of nearly 600 branches in eight Northeastern states by end of summer 2008.

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