VeriFone partners Opera on Web browser payments; ships PIN entry system

Source: VeriFone

VeriFone Holdings (NYSE: PAY) today announced a strategic partnership with Opera Software ASA to develop a secure payment-enabled version of the Opera Web browser.

The browser, being demonstrated for the first time here at Cartes, will operate on VeriFone's MX800 Series of consumer-facing systems designed for multi-lane retailers, specialty stores, and point-of-service environments such as retail banking, ticketing, or kiosks.

The development agreement will enable developers to extend VeriFone's MX Solutions family utilizing familiar Web-based tools to provide enhanced consumer access to kiosk applications and to develop new more engaging interfaces to existing payment applications.

"Integrating Opera Web technology with VeriFone's secure payments expertise will further unleash the unique capabilities of the MX800 platform and lead to creation of new, rich media user experiences on consumer-facing systems," said Paul Rasori, VeriFone vice president of global product marketing. "This will also spur development of secure payment-enabled, value added applications such as self-service kiosks and help bridge the gap between online and bricks-and-mortar retail stores."

The Opera Web browser is a high-quality, multi-platform product designed utilizing open, international standards for a wide range of platforms, operating systems and embedded Internet products. VeriFone's MX800 Series systems comprises three PCI PED-approved, secure multi-lane retail payment systems featuring the highest visual clarity in a durable, reliable and stylish form factor.

"VeriFone's vision for consumer-activated retail systems represents a perfect fit for Opera's technology," said Scott Hedrick, senior vice president, Business Solutions, Opera Software. "With VeriFone's tremendous market presence, we expect this will be exemplary of how Opera is a flexible and powerful platform for any device."

The MX800 Series leverages sophisticated technology and security features, and offers retailers a broad range of functions from basic debit and credit payment acceptance to advanced capabilities such as electronic signature capture, multimedia branding, contactless payment and smart card acceptance.

The MX830 is a performance-oriented, durable and economical consumer-activated payment device with core features and optional touchscreen and signature capture. The MX850 provides a mid-range solution for customers who need a multi-lane payment powerhouse with color graphics, greater memory, and a standard capacitive glass touchscreen with optional signature capture. The MX870 is the only large screen PCI PED compliant payment system and has won the vast majority of national contracts for multi-lane payment systems in North America.

Separately, VeriFone Holdings (NYSE: PAY) today announced the Vx 810, a full-function PIN entry system based on the architecture of the popular Vx Solutions family.

The Vx Solutions line is one of the most widely certified and adopted payment solutions with more than 2 million systems sold worldwide.

The Vx 810 provides merchants and banks with a future-proof design accommodating multiple connectivity options and a Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) port to support add-on components, including an option for contactless payments and those initiated from mobile phones using the emerging Near Field Communications, or NFC, standard.

"The Vx 810 is VeriFone's top-of-the-line, programmable PIN entry solution based on the proven and popular Verix architecture," said Paul Rasori, VeriFone vice president of global product marketing. "This feature-rich system provides all you could want in a PIN entry system, with a full array of connectivity options and a future-proof, modular design to support additional options that banks and merchants may want to subsequently deploy."

Utilizing VeriFone's patent-pending MAXui design, the ultra-sleek Vx 810 combines the smallest footprint with the largest user interface in an ergonomic design with ATM-style interface, large keypad and high resolution, 16-line white backlit display for ease of use.

A high-speed processor, large memory, multiple connectivity options and modular expansion capabilities ensure that the Vx 810 will be a viable payment solution for years to come. The system supports a broad range of payment and value-added applications and meets the latest security standards, including PCI PED as well as EMV Level 1 and 2. A single port supports multiple connectivity options including RS-232, USB Client, USB Host, Ethernet, and power over Ethernet.

The Vx 810 is available now. An option scheduled for availability during the first half of 2008 will include a base unit with a thermal printer, modem, Ethernet, USB and serial ports to provide all the features needed for a complete payment solution. A contactless payment module will also be available in the first half of 2008 to provide merchants and banks an extremely cost-effective means to support any form of contactless payment whether presented via card, fob or NFC enabled mobile device.

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