Bell ID and Collis integrate EMV card technologies

Source: Bell ID

Bell ID, worldwide market leader of smart card management solutions, and Collis, EMV consultants and market leader for state-of-the-art testing tools today signed a global strategic partnership agreement.

The partnership will integrate Bell ID's ANDiS smart Card and Application Management System (CAMS) with the Collis Card Image Editor (Collis CIE) and the Collis EMV Personalisation Validation Tool (Collis PVT). Combining both companies' EMV, CAMS and Testing expertise will provide financial institutions with faster EMV implementations, reduce costs and provide better quality results.

The ANDiS4EMV CAMS and Collis's CIE and Collis PVT are products that complement each other exceptionally well by providing real benefits to the end customers. Financial institutions will gain an easy way to define card templates and ensure higher quality standards in their EMV card production. Integrating the Bell ID and Collis products ensures a smooth certification process for the banks and significantly reduces the implementation time of an EMV project.

Both products will support each others file formats as part of the standard settings and avoid customisation during the testing phase of an EMV project. The two product combinations will be supporting mass personalisation and branch issuance personalisation processes.

Using the Collis PVT to test cards produced by the ANDiS4EMV Branch Issuance solution, which allows banks to issue cards on demand inside the bank branch in a distributed personalisation system, will provide issuers with a quality control instrument and may assist banks obtaining personalisation infrastructure certification with the credit schemes.

Berend van Geffen, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Collis said "Both product sets fit very well together in order to achieve the highest available quality assurance level in the card industry. As Bell ID aims for the same level of quality and serves the same customers as Collis, we are glad to establish this partnership. The benefits to our customers are clear and they will improve both speed and quality during the issuing of smart cards.

Oliver Burke, General Manager Partners, Marketing and Business Development at Bell ID commented: "During the product integration process both organisations gained significant knowledge about each others products. This knowledge, together with the very close relationships established between the people within the organisations will benefit both organisations' end customers. In addition the seamlessly integrated products make this an exciting and important partnership for Bell ID."

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