Truviso releases algo trading tool

Source: Truviso

Addressing the worldwide demand for proprietary trading algorithms among capital market firms, Truviso today announced the availability of its Algorithmic Trading Solution, the first to combine SQL-based continuous event processing, real-time as well as historical data analysis, and zero-latency algorithmic decisioning on a single platform.

With the Truviso Algorithmic Trading Solution, buy- and sell-side traders can now develop, test, execute, and evaluate proprietary trading strategies in one algorithmic framework.

"Using Truviso, users, for the first time, can perform both historical trend analysis and real-time algorithm execution in a single, easy-to-use framework," said Boyd Pearce, Truviso's president and chief executive officer. "We expect that the capabilities developed and perfected in our Algorithmic Trading Solution will provide a model for automated decisioning in other industries that require low-latency analysis and action."

Truviso's unique architecture combines a high-power event processing engine, which continuously executes hundreds of concurrent standard SQL queries against multiple, live market data feeds, with an integrated historical data repository, which enables data analysis, trend detection, back-testing, and other functions. Full SQL queries over market streams and tables provide securities and trading firms with a wider range of analysis capabilities than are available in first-generation CEP solutions. The Truviso platform also runs real-time queries that include models and algorithms created using third-party statistical tools and development languages.

"Using Truviso, we can analyze historical market data to discover trends and signals, and then immediately implement that same analysis against real-time data feeds," said Kelly Adams, head of technology and development at FX Concepts. "We're executing with less price slippage, and we're able to continuously monitor our performance to improve our trading models."

Truviso's combination of real-time event processing and historical data analysis in a single engine makes it the only SQL-based algorithmic trading solution to support the complete algorithm lifecycle—including development, testing, execution, and evaluation. By continuously monitoring algorithm effectiveness, as well as adding, removing or modifying algorithms on-the-fly, firms can easily adapt their strategies over time to maximize portfolio returns. Truviso supports hundreds of concurrent queries, enabling many different algorithmic trading strategies to be executed simultaneously with sub-millisecond latency.

The Truviso Algorithmic Trading Solution is available immediately.

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