Connecticut River Bank selects Savant for network security

Source: Savant Protection

Savant Protection, the industry leader in preemptive malware elimination and information portfolio control technology and Connecticut River Bank, N.A., today announced the deployment of Savant technology by CRB to fortify their information assurance efforts and to mitigate cyber-security threats throughout their computing system environment.

Committed to providing robust security measures, Connecticut River Bank has introduced Savant technology to round out its preemptive security practices in eliminating unauthorized system access and misuse. They will utilize the technology's Savant Enterprise Management System (SEMS) to manage all Savant enhanced client systems, view all activity and control approved application usage throughout their eleven location system.

"An early adopter of Savant, Connecticut River Bank has been a true partner in the refinement of the technology. Its successful deployment and ongoing use validates the critical role Savant plays in the realization of business continuity, application control and complete systemic security within the financial services industry," said Ken Steinberg, CEO and Founder of Savant Protection, Inc. "We are proud to partner with Connecticut River Bank as they take the industry lead in providing the most effective solution to combat hacker exploits, protect vital customer data and mitigate the devastating effects of malware intrusion."

Savant technology makes computing systems impervious to the injection and spread of malicious applications, scripts or changes to a system's existing soft infrastructure by providing unique cryptographic signatures to the approved application set on each host system. The ability of unauthorized or unknown applications to execute is denied rendering it impossible for malicious code to spread to multiple systems. By containing viral intrusion and eliminating its spread, the risk of system-wide compromise is averted. This approach removes the need for inoculations, rules, heuristics, white lists, scanning or persistent patching. Savant frees up critical system resources resulting in dramatically improved system performance over traditional solutions.

"Savant is easy to install, maintain and support. It has given us back control of our desktop environment. We know what is running on all computers and can approve or deny any application with a couple clicks of the mouse," said Louise Dube, AVP of Technology at Connecticut River Bank. "Savant makes all other anti-virus and spyware detection products on the market today seem archaic. It gives us a comfort level we have never had before."

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