Lyquidity Solutions upgrades spreadsheet management tool

Source: Lyquidity Solutions

Lyquidity Solutions, market leaders in spreadsheet compliance, unveil ComplyXL Enterprise that incorporates a full range of tools for organizations to track, monitor and analyze their spreadsheets.

Version 2.3 of ComplyXL Enterprise adds Active Monitoring, Spreadsheet Discovery, drag-and-drop Business Intelligences features for analysis among many other changes to improve users' confidence in their compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and other governance legislation

"The enhancements in ComplyXL Enterprise are client driven and together allow line and compliance managers to become more aware of the changes happening to key documents that may be used in external reporting and decision making. Users can configure the software to act pro-actively as a safeguard so it doesn't matter if managers are out of the office or in meetings because change notifications can either be sent as an email, IM or even SMS" said Sandy Marshall, Product Manager for ComplyXL at Lyquidity.

ComplyXL Enterprise key features and benefits:
  • Active Monitoring of spreadsheets allows users to subscribe to receive automated notifications when a spreadsheet has changed. Notifications can be received by email, IM or SMS. This active approach allows managers to get on with their job knowing ComplyXL will act as their safeguard.
  • Spreadsheet discovery provides managers with the tool needed to find spreadsheets wherever they are on their systems. ComplyXL automatically builds an inventory of spreadsheets that can be categorized as, for example, high or low risk. Managers can also decide whether future changes to discovered spreadsheets should be monitored.
  • Version control records changes in a central repository built on any of several leading database engines so that the histories of key spreadsheets can be included in a business continuity process. This allows user to see the history of changes made to any spreadsheet. Versions can be added manually or can be added automatically by discovery processes. Each version records the changes made, the location and machine used in addition to the user and date.
  • Change tracking with ComplyXL is automatic. Users can review changes down to individual cells, worksheets or whole workbooks. Comments and user information are recorded with updates so reviewers can see and report the reason for change and the individuals making changes.
  • Role based security allows managers to control access and rights to workbooks. This can be used for reporting, with the history of access rights tracked.
  • Faster analysis allows users to review spreadsheets containing thousands of rows and hundreds of columns for changes and exceptions in real-time.
  • Focus filtering gives users the ability to filter change reviews to focus on the types of change that are important. For example a filter can be used to focus on changes made to formulas or only to cells containing numeric values, or ignore cells containing volatile functions. Volatile functions are those functions like TODAY() that will be recalculated whenever a spreadsheet is opened and so can obscure material changes.
  • Flexible reporting uses Business Intelligence style analysis for spreadsheet change reviews. Reports are designed on-screen using simple drag-and-drop techniques to select the columns and change details that will be included and to group and sort the information to be printed.
  • Snapshots saved for Sarbanes Oxley compliance. Users can create change reports and save them to create a permanent audit trail for compliance.
  • Centralized management is provided by integration with Active Directory on Windows platforms or LDAP on other server systems making it for easier for administrators to manage deployments and updates to large user communities.
  • Workflow option allows managers to flag one version as the currently active version even when subsequent changes have been made but not yet approved.
  • No new skills have to be taught to users. ComplyXL does not affect the use of Excel in any way so there is no need to re-train users before the benefits of control can be realized. Users can be shown the menu option to add versions manually or versions can be done automatically by a discovery process.
  • Affordable compliance with a typical Enterprise wide solution for under $11,000 and the ability to try the software in a 'sandbox' environment.

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