Deutsche Schiffsbank deploys SuperDerivatives interest rate and FX platforms

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives, the benchmark for options and the leading multi-asset derivatives solution provider for real-time option pricing, independent revaluation, derivatives data, online trading and risk management systems, has announced that Deutsche Schiffsbank is deploying its interest rate and foreign currency derivatives platforms to help its shipping customers manage risk and hedge exposure.

Specializing in long-term mortgage loans, Deutsche Schiffsbank is one of the world's leading shipping finance banks with joint headquarters in Bremen and Hamburg and representation in London, Athens and Hong Kong. Market price risks for ship mortgage banks are principally currency and interest rate risks. In the course of the past two years, Deutsche Schiffsbank has been taking advantage of changes in the legal environment following the introduction of the Pfandbriefe Act which now enable specialist ship mortgage banks to offer their customers risk management solutions and has selected SuperDerivatives to drive its sales and marketing efforts in this area.

"After evaluating a number of pricing and analytics tools on the market, we chose SuperDerivatives web-based SD-IR for interest rate derivatives and SD-FX for foreign currency derivatives. They were the easiest to use, the most intuitive and the most efficient solutions we could find. SuperDerivatives not only came with all needed market data built in, but also did not require any IT support or upfront investment," said Jeremy Scott, Head of Treasury, Deutsche Schiffsbank. "SuperDerivatives produces real, accurate prices faster than we thought possible which has helped us increase our productivity. Also, the embedded structuring and marketing tools help us to improve customer service while winning new business by providing more cost effective hedging strategies, especially for the more sophisticated and effective structures."

SD-IR provides real-time, accurate market prices, risk management and analytics for interest rate derivatives in all currencies where a derivatives marketplace exists. The online 24-hour system delivers market prices for an extremely wide range of interest rate derivatives, from vanilla swaps, swaptions and caps/floors to exotics such as digitals/barriers, CMS-based products, and a full suite of callable structured investments. A full database of market rates, volatilities and Greeks are included and supported by analysis and charting tools for maximum control and flexibility.

"We are pleased that Deutsche Schiffsbank has chosen SuperDerivatives and recognized our unique value in providing real-time, turnkey market accurate pricing of exotic as well as vanilla derivatives. SuperDerivatives' combination of market data, powerful analytics, and real-time calibration provides our customers with unprecedented price discovery and negotiation power in executing their derivatives strategies," said Robert Emerson, Product Manager for Interest Rate Derivatives, SuperDerivatives.

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