Tiger Consultants launches risk review service

Source: Tiger Consultants Limited

Tiger Consultants Limited, the specialist Investment Management operations and technology group, has launched Risk Check, a new risk review service that provides independent, specialist risk mitigation, fine-tuned to a wide cross-section of financial sectors and products.

Based on Tiger's proven methodology, Risk Check encompasses risk assessment, mitigation and resolution, across financial, operational, system, regulatory, market-driven and reputational risks, addressing both short-term and longer-term factors.

Tiger is growing a strong reputation for its risk methodology, with a demonstrable track record in assisting organisations with products under review including hedge funds, complex derivatives and fixed income applications. Risk Check is an extension of Tiger's bespoke consultancy service, formulating the process into a 6-step approach. This ranks the severity of risks, and outlines a suitable mitigation strategy, underpinned by supporting analysis. Tiger's expert consultants work closely with an organisation's management to assess the potential risks and map out a strategy, including liaison with Business Administration Unit (BAU) teams and third parties, to ensure effective knowledge transfer and risk resolution.

Tiger's Head of Operations, Chris Muir, explains the rationale behind launching Risk Check: "Fund managers are continually looking for new investment channels, and are taking a highly creative approach with product launches. This in turn can involve greater potential for risk, especially as business volumes increase, presenting operations management teams with some real challenges. We have seen a clear trend emerge, particularly with respect to hedge funds. The very flexibility inherent within a hedge fund gives it both appeal and operational risk. As growth impacts, a lack of control frameworks around pricing and servicing processes can lead to serious exposure. With Risk Check, we are turning our experience of operational and due-diligence reviews into a formalised service offering, which is designed to take the risk element out of managing an investment. By ensuring that a firm internal support infrastructure is in place, organisations can expand their business confidently and focus on maintaining competiitive advantage."

Tiger's Risk Check service is backed by a team of a dozen expert independent consultants, offering a combined total of 85 years' top level experience within the institutional, retail and private wealth asset management sectors. Recent risk assessment projects undertaken by Tiger include hedge fund and complex fund administration, including process controls and support; and due diligence of the operating model, business processes and systems for the acquisition of a market hedge fund business.

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