FIX Protocol makes repository available on Web site

Source: FIX Protocol Ltd

FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL) has announced that the FIX Repository is now publicly available from the FPL website.

The FIX Repository contains an XML representation of the FIX specification in a database-compatible format along with documentation and examples of usage.

The repository includes the entire FIX vocabulary from version 4.0 onwards in XML format, with complete enumeration values. The public release of the repository is of significant benefit to the industry, providing firms that wish to implement FIX or upgrade to later versions of the protocol with access to all required fields in an XML format, diminishing the need to manually create these values. In granting the financial services community access to this product free of charge, the industry will profit from a reduction in the resource costs and manual errors previously associated with such implementations.

The FIX Repository is already in use by FPL to maintain and produce the FIX specification, the FIXML Schema, and the FIXimate online reference tool. Several FPL members are also using the FIX Repository to support their FIX offerings.

Commenting on the public release of the FIX Repository, Kevin Houstoun, Co-Chair of the FPL Global Technical Committee, HSBC stated, "The public release of the repository will prove highly advantageous to the industry, no longer will FIX adopters that are not members of FPL need to develop their own versions of the repository. Additionally, the buy-side, sell-side and exchange community will find upgrades to their FIX offerings easier for each release."

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