Neptune unveils Rubikon banking package

Source: Neptune Software

Neptune Software, a global provider of universal software for the banking industry, is strengthening its position with the release of its new product, Rubikon, in November 2007.

Designed to meet the demand for modular, function-rich software that can be configured to suit a bank or financial institution's environment and needs, Rubikon can be adapted to many purposes - whether the bank is operating an extensive network of retail branches or providing corporate investment and brokerage services.

Thanks to Rubikon, banks can integrate their programs and data into one system, make better use of customer information and introduce more products from a single point.

For banks operating across multiple territories, Rubikon ensures compliance with the relevant international laws and regulations to prevent identity theft and money laundering, improve public accountability and safeguard the bank's solvency.

"Rubikon has been developed over several years, resulting in one of the most comprehensive products of its kind," said Neptune managing director, Harold Dempster.

"The software is sophisticated but simple to use, and is capable of processing high volumes of transactions in multi-branch, multi-currency and multi-lingual environments. It will help banks achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction"

Rubikon is browser based, 100% Java and J2EE compliant, uses business process execution language (BPEL) to aid integration with existing software, and CRM tools to manage customer relationships.

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