E-payments firm Etelcharge appoints James Wilson CTO

Source: Etelcharge

Etelcharge.com (OTCBB: ETLC) today announced that following the successful launch of its new payment system and inquiries from some of the largest merchants in the country, the company has named James "Toby" Wilson its Chief Technology Officer.

"Toby has demonstrated the leadership and technical expertise to lead us to the next level technologically," stated Rob Howe, Chairman and CEO. "It's key for us to keep our technology fresh, scalable and secure. Toby's doing an exemplary job and will be of great assistance as we pursue and secure additional merchants."

Wilson, who came to Etelcharge in June as a consultant, spearheaded the completion and launch of Etelcharge's new online payment system which allows members to bill online purchases to their phone bills. "One of the great challenges we had to overcome was connecting our pipes to the huge databases that telecoms maintain while meeting their strict security standards. In doing that, we made our technology extremely robust," Wilson stated.

"We're able to connect to any telecom, wired or unwired, domestic or international. That is the future for Etelcharge - we have the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime while maintaining all technology requirements and security standards, " Wilson concluded.

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