Cypress Software adds credit scoring engine to BizMark

Source: Cypress Software Systems

Cypress Software Systems has introduced the Bureau Interpretation and Scoring Engine (BISE) for its BizMark software, giving current and prospective users of the small-business automated loan decisioning platform a new choice for credit scoring.

"We are responding to requests from our user-base and the general marketplace for a new credit scoring engine for our BizMark software system," said Stephen G. Sargent, president and chief executive officer of Cypress Software Systems. "Our BISE solution can either automate an existing judgmental underwriting environment, or enable a solution that works with embedded third party-derived small business scorecards such as those provided by Asch Advisory Services."

With BISE, BizMark users can:
  • Automatically retrieve credit bureau data from:
    • Experian, Experian Business
    • Equifax, Equifax Business
    • TransUnion
  • Interpret credit bureau data into actionable information that can be used to implement credit policy rules and credit scorecards.
  • Present credit report print images in BizMark.
  • Deploy custom or generic scorecards from partners like Asch Advisory Services LLC or other analytics developers to drive automated credit decisioning.
  • Use the FICO online credit bureau scores of loan principals to facilitate decisioning.

BizMark processes small business loan applications, and is based on a Cypress-delivered .NET/Microsoft SQL Server platform. It runs in a customer relationship management (CRM) environment, enabling lenders to take credit requests including principal and financial statement data; retrieve and interpret consumer and business credit reports; perform ratio analysis; and score the results. The software handles small business commercial credit requests for lines of credit, term loans, corporate leases and corporate credit cards.

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